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1:  DSC:  The Most User Friendly System Available!


DSC keypad 

 Very Attractive & Ergonomically Designed

Our most popular system for both home and small
business. Ease of use with one-touch arming and
 simple code-only disarming. Truly user-friendly!

      Comes standard
       with time display!

DSC open keypad 

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2:  GE/NETWORX:  Reliable and Well-Proven!


GE-NETWORX 108-E keypad

 Robust System for Both Business & Home

Adaptable for both home and small business
 & also comes with ease of use with one-touch
arming and simple code-only disarming!

      Sleek LED keypad display
     or LCD Traditional Design!

GE/NETWORX 148E-RF open keypad 

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3:  HONEYWELL:  Robust and Reliable System!


HONEYWELL- 6150 open keypad 

 Very Attractive & Ergonomically Designed

These Honeywell keypads come with additional
arming selections not found with other systems,
such as instant arming in away or stay mode!

LCD Display with Easy Access Panic Buttons!

HONEYWELL- 6128 open keypad

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4:  GE/ALLEGRO:  The Best Choice for Apartment/Condo Living!


GE/ALLEGRO system 

 Separate Keypad & Auto-Dialer

This system provides for a total wireless solution for
apartment/condo living with reliable door, window,
motion, glass-break, smoke,  heat, and carbon-monoxide
sensors. Using an ingenious separate dialer from the
keypad, this system prevents burglars from defeating
the alarm system by trying to rip the system off the wall.
The dialer is hidden out of the way in another room
such as an outlet behind a bed. Should the keypad be
tampered with, the dialer safely calls in the alarm to the
 central station without the intruder knowing about it.

Designed for real
 security & reliability!

GE/ALLEGRO open keypad 

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5:  LINEAR PERS:  Medical Personal Emergency Reporting System!


LINEAR PERS 2400B unit

 Medical Monitoring at its Best!

This Personal Emergency Response unit features a
large button for contact of central station operators
who stand ready to dispatch medical emergency
responders quickly. A dual-use pendant can be
worn around the neck or on a wrist-watch band.

            Large easy access
        emergency button!

LINEAR-neck pendant LINEAR-wristband

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